Mirko Gozzoli and Alessia Betti have split
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Mirko Gozzoli and Alessia Betti have split

Posted on sunnuntai, 06 syys 2009, 23:02 by dave de vos
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After a long and famously successful career, Mirko Gozzoli and Alessia Betti have announced that they have ended their partnership. Mirko and Alessia, who need no introduction, have been undefeatable Ballroom masters, winning every Professional Ballroom event in Blackpool (save one) and in every UK Open since 2006, and every International since 2005. In fact, in our database they have not been defeated since mid-2006.

In a phone interview with dancesport.ru, Mirko said that both he and Alessia have decided not to look for another partner, and to stop their competitive careers so that they can focus on their family.

It is a terrible loss to the dance world to lose such a fantastic couple, and we wish them both the best of luck and happiness with the rest of their lives.

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santini maanantai, 14 syys 2009, 21:51


Now, I have no reason to watch the pro Ballroom. Well.... Victor Fung and Anna Mikhed are worth coming for.  Anyway, this is a terribe loss for the dance community. Ballroom won't have it's elegance without Mirko and Alessia. They will be terribly missed.

vivian2168 keskiviikko, 09 syys 2009, 13:55

So Sad.....they are such perfect dance partner. No one can beat them......

dave de vos maanantai, 07 syys 2009, 19:04

Very sad to hear they both won't look for other partners :-(

VainoMiil maanantai, 07 syys 2009, 12:20

One of the BIGGEST Stars in Ballroom Dancing .. my personal inspiration and absolute favorite ..

Estonian ballroom dancing wishes you all the VERY BEST .. Thank You for all the most wonderful beautiful Dance You gave us!


kishka maanantai, 07 syys 2009, 09:31

Terribly sad...

My favourite couple, my biggest inspiration, the example of how Ballroom should be - pure, beautiful Dance...

Mirko, Alessia, I will miss seeing you on the floor so very, very much... thank you for all the joy you have given us!

embracedance1 maanantai, 07 syys 2009, 04:03

absolutly gutted :(

my fav couple ever, and never get see them dance together again :(

nazic maanantai, 07 syys 2009, 00:22


History happens today!!!

But yah America is going to win standard championships now go arunas and katusha!!! But sad that marko split